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Official new vehicle registration statistics for 2020.

15th January 2021
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Official New Vehicle Registration for 2020 has been released by SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry). The figures show a decline of 25% on 2019 figures. Vehicle registration figures are now at recession levels, this is due to COVID-19 and Brexit. 

How COVID-19 impacted the figures

Level Five restrictions are forcing dealerships to change the way they operate, which are now offering click and collect/delivery services. A lot of dealerships now focusing their efforts on online sales, ensuring their websites are giving the user the best experience. Although this is positive, the trade-in valuation procedures have now changed too. 

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Electric vehicles sold in Ireland 

It comes as no surprise that the electric vehicle segment improves again this year. With more options now available, a better driving range and a more competitive price point, the electric vehicle range is becoming more popular. 4,013 new electric cars were registered in 2020 in comparison to 3,444 in 2019.

Interesting takeaways. 

  • The hatchback remains Ireland’s top-selling car body type of 2020. 
  • Grey is the top-selling colour - Five years in a row
  • Imported Used Cars saw 79,969 registrations in 2020, a decrease of 29.8% on 2019 (113,926).

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