Autobuy's mission is to make your sale of a used car easier and less stressful. Whatever the reason for your sale, one too many cars, emigration, job loss, family crisis, importing a car, too big/too small, cost-cutting or raising cash for business expansion, we have probably seen them all, the common thread here is that these are all stressful enough situations to deal with anyway, without adding the stress of selling a used car yourself.

Autobuy and its partners are committed to customer satisfaction, we turn your car to cash in a very short time with the minimum of fuss in a safe trustworthy environment, using a small group of established and trustworthy names in the motor industry, all our partners are in business a long time.

Autobuy is a division of Mooney's Hyundai. We have been on the Long Mile Road for 46 years this December, we are a family-owned business and Mark Mooney who runs Autobuy is the 3rd generation of the Mooney family in the business. Our reputation and customers are immensely important to us, we have used all our years of experience to develop Autobuy into what it is today, we hope you find it delivers for you too!

Each Autobuy partner site has been thoroughly vetted to ensure Autobuy standards are the same throughout the country. We are not on every street corner, but all our partners are established repspected and trustworthy businesses, with years of experience just like Mooney's.


There are probably 100,000 plus used cars for sale at any one time in Ireland, without experience and knowledge it's very easy to get it wrong, why waste a considerable amount of your time in a process you know very little about that is fraught with risks? You may say what risk? the real risk is not knowing whom you are dealing with and having total strangers calling to your door, we have the stories but check with the garda fraud squad if you doubt it.


Our system is easy to use and saves you time, you describe the car fully, we make you an offer based on your description, based on live time market info. If you are happy with our offer, make an appointment on the system to visit us with the car, we will then inspect the car and confirm or otherwise validate a revised offer, up or down as necessary.


Our system generates a written contract between an Autobuy's agent and you the seller, this covers both parties' exposures, ours from fraudulent sellers, but more importantly your exposure on a sale to parking fines, speeding fines, road tax renewals, public liability issues and outstanding finance clearances amongst other things.


Our system delivers an agreed and fair price by electronic funds transfer to a bank of your choice on the day of sale, with an immediate email confirmation of funds transfer to your account.