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New Cars Registered in January

15th February 2022

In January, almost 25,000 new cars were registered.

SIMI recently delivered their figures for the motor trade in January 2022. We take a look at some of the key findings of the report. 

When compared to January 2021, new car registrations are down -0.2%. There has been a clear increase in Electric and Hybrid vehicle sales. New car sales were slightly down and this is due to supply chain issues. 

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With 2,714 new electric car registrations in January 2022 (+178%) compared to 977 in January 2021, January 2022 was the biggest month on record for new electric car registrations.

There was a significant increase in growth for hybrid (26.5%), plug-in hybrid (8.4%)

• Market share by engine type 2022: 

  • Diesel 22.5%
  • Petrol 28.6%
  • Electric 10.8%
  • Plug-In Hybrid 8.4% 
  • Hybrid 26.5%

The top Selling Car in January 2022: Hyundai Tucson followed by the Toyota Corolla, and Toyota RAV 4. 

Used Car Imports total January were down -40.8%

Commenting on the new vehicle registrations SIMI Brian Cooke Director General said: 

"it is anticipated that the strong growth in EV sales will continue for the rest of 2022. In this environment, it is essential that Government supports the expansion of a national charging infrastructure to keep pace with this demand for EVs. In addition, the grant and taxation incentives must be extended if we are to secure a greater supply of EVs for Ireland and to encourage more consumers to choose low and zero-emitting vehicles”