How much is my car worth?

October 10th, 2019

Autobuy has put together a list of factors that determine the price of your used car. With over 40 years of experience in the motor trade and offering a Cash for Cars service launch 2010. We have a full understanding of the market and how much your vehicle is worth. In 2018 we launch Autobuy Ireland, the online selling platform for people in Ireland.

When you’re buying or selling your vehicle it’s important to know what it is worth. Knowing what your vehicle is worth puts you in a better position when negotiating the price.

Many factors determine the value of your car including mileage, damage, and the number of owners. No two cars are the same as certain factors determine the value of the car. Wondering what these factors are? Check out the chart below.

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What’s the average annual mileage of a car

The average mileage of a car is around 20,000 Kilometres, this is equivalent to approx. 12,000 miles. Most vehicles are bought over 3 years, so if your vehicle has more than 60,000 Kilometres, it would be considered high mileage. If you have driven less than 60,000 over this period, it would be considered low.

How to increase the value of my car

You can maintain the cost of your vehicle by keeping it in good condition, adhering to the service schedule, have one owner, low mileage and some extra features such as upgraded alloys.

The specification of your vehicle is also a factor if you can afford to invest in the higher specification vehicle when your purchasing, it is highly recommended that you do as this will help the value of your vehicle when selling.

Things that decrease the value of my vehicle. 

The more owners a vehicle has the more it will depreciate, along with factors like high mileage, damage to the vehicle and not adhering to the manufacturer service guidelines. If your vehicle has no NCT or Tax, this will also bring the value of your vehicle down. Broken parts within the vehicle would also devalue the vehicle further.

How is my vehicle valued and where can I sell my car?

Your vehicle is valued based on the factors outlined earlier in our guide. You, the person selling the car, have two options when it comes to selling your car. You can sell it to a member of the public or you can use Autobuy. So how does Autobuy value my car? I hear you say.

Autobuy uses to determine the history of your vehicle while also taking into consideration the current market value for your vehicle. With these two reports, we guarantee to offer you a fair cash offer.

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Why is my car service history so important?

Your vehicle service history is important as it outlines the routine service and shows the buyer of the vehicle that you follow to the service guide outlined by the manufacturer and therefore the vehicle is maintained to the level it should be.

Why is the transmission a factor in the valuation of my vehicle?

The transmission will determine the valuation of your vehicle as if will determine who can drive your vehicle if your vehicles are automatic, this may reduce the valuation as many drivers in Ireland drive manual vehicles, and therefore this is their first choice when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. The tax on an automatic is also higher, therefore this would devalue your car further.

Why is the NCT/Taxing of your vehicle?

Your NCT is important as it shows the buyer that the vehicle is roadworthy and legal. You will sell your vehicle for less if you don’t have the NCT as the buyer will have to go through the hassle of fixing any problems that may be wrong with the vehicle if it fails the NCT.

The tax on the vehicle is important as any new owner of a vehicle doesn’t want to have to arrange the tax on a new vehicle especially when they have to organise other paperwork related to the change of the ownership.

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