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Ex-Demo & Pre Registered Car - What Is The Difference?

11th September 2020

If you are in the market for a new car and come across a demo model or a pre-registered vehicle, make sure you know the difference. What is the difference between an Ex-Demo & a Pre Registered Car?


A pre-registered car is a vehicle that has been registered to the car dealership so that the dealership meets its sales target set out by the manufacturer. The dealership receives a bonus for achieving its sales target, therefore, its something commonplace within dealerships.

Ex-Demo Models

Ex-demo models are also regularly seen within dealerships. These vehicles are owned by the dealership and their main use is for customers to test drive the vehicle before purchasing. These vehicles are usually the highest spec vehicle within the model range and can sometimes come with added extras. 

The Ex-Demo model usually has high mileage as it would have been used daily by the dealership. Because of the high mileage, you should receive a bigger discount when compared to the Pre-registered vehicles. 

Why buy an Ex-Demo or Pre-registered car?

Usually, you would receive a discount of between 5% and 15% on the vehicle, this is depending on the popularity of the vehicle and whether its an older version of this model or something that's only launched.