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Autumn Vehicle Check

17th September 2020

Get Your Car Autumn Ready Today!

With the kids back to school, autumn in full swing, its important that you take some time to ensure your vehicle is Autumn ready. Get Your Car Autumn Ready Today with Autobuy Advice Guide.

Autumn daylight becomes noticeably shorter and the temperature cools considerably. There are several areas a driver should consider when driving in Autumn, including Dazzle, batteries, bulbs, antifreeze, and tyres. 

You probably already have a pair of sunglasses in your car, but we'll mention them anyways. The sun can hamper your driving as it glares on your screen. This can be dangerous as it may lead to an incident, if not dealt with properly. 

If you don't already have a pair, invest in a pair that is solely for your car. Leave them in the glove box or center console where they are easily accessible. Also, use the visor to reduce the glare while driving, along with sunglasses. 

Clean and Clear Windows

it is also worth mentioning that a clear windscreen is vital. Take a few minutes today to clean the front, back, side, and the mirrors of your vehicle, both inside and out. This will be beneficial and something that should be done often, not just for Autumn. While you're undertaking this task, it is worthwhile checking the condition of your wiper blades, and replace if nessacary. 

Note: When the glare is bad, reduce your speed and take extra precaution. 

Check Your Batteries. 

Batteries usually have a lifetime of 5 years, in most cases. While undertaking the cleaning of windows and inspection of wiper blades, you should also test your battery. With the change in weather, colder times, your battery could fail. This is the last thing you want on a cold morning when your rushing to work or dropping the kids to school.

If this is something that you not sure how to undertake, most car garages will undertake this for you. 


Another key area to inspect is the lights on your vehicle. This will require an extra person. Go through all the lights, front, back, and indicators. Replace any dull or broken lights. A replacement bulb doesn't cost a lot. 

Replacing bulbs will increase your visibility on darker mornings and evenings. You can have a bulb replaced at a local garage or your vehicle handbook will show you how to replace this yourself. 


Tyres should be inspected as part of the Autumn Vehicle Check.

Tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicle. They are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Crucially, ensure that they are in good condition. 

The recommended tyre tread depth is 3mm. If your tyres are even close to this, replace them! On icy mornings you will require as much grip as possible. 


Antifreeze should be checked as part of the regular service schedule, which is outlined in the vehicle manual. The appropriate type will also be outlined in the manual. 

Antifreeze is important all year round to prevent corrosion and improve cooling. If this is something that you are not sure of, have a local garage undertake this task for you. Some local garages offer free autumn checks. 

These checks are something that should be undertaken on a regular base as they help maintain the conditions of the vehicle, which inturn improves the value of your car.