About us

Autobuy is a new online selling platform that offers a hassle-free solution to getting paid cash today. Autobuy was launched in May 2018 after Mark Mooney of Mooney’s Garage, seen the hassle car sellers went through to sell their car.

Mooney’s Garage has been purchasing vehicles for a number of years from its Cash for Cars business. With this in mind, Mark set about building a website that would allow people to sell their vehicle online without leaving the comfort to their homes.

Autobuy allows you to sell your car for cash today. The simple hassle-free solution provides you with a quote and you will then attend an appointment to finalise the sale. At this appointment your car will be examined and once all problems, if any, have been correctly outlined in the submission, you will receive the quote.

Autobuy guarantees to buy your car today at a fair price. With over 40 years' experience, Autobuy is the safest and fastest way to get paid cash for your car today.